Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dream Home Outdoor Pics

Isn't this part of the DR gorgeous? I love it...Check out the fingerprints on the window. The way the sun was setting highlighted this so much! They need some Windex. I will even do the windows if I could just hang out in there for a while. :)
Some more goodies that come with the house. Missing was the GMC Acadia that the winner will also receive.

See the doggy water bowl in the garage? The guide said that the garages here are not attached because of a fire/bldg codes in Sonoma for houses over a certain sq footage.

I love this driveway. Looks like an old carriage path. The plants are inedible strawberry plants.
There will be enough grapes here to produce two cases of wine.

BIG outdoor table.
This is the view from the back of the house. See how close the neighbors are? This is very typical for California living. This development does not allow hard fencing. The fences are wire with wooden posts and there are various plantings that make up the actual fence.

This is a view from the backyard into the side street

the kitchen garden.

Doggy Dream Home. very cute, but unpainted inside.

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