Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dream Home Pics continued....

This is how the washer and dryer open. They seem to have a small capacity...

This little guy is hiding in a drawer in the kids room closet. I love sock monkeys. :)

We got a kick out of this. It was in the guest room closet. I wish I could hav epoeeked in every closet and drawer. There are lots of goodies hidden away.

Another favorite room... this guest room is breathtaking. I want to sleep in here! :)
See these glinting spots?There is some sort of sparkle to this counter top. It is not weird 70's! I promise. It is very subtle. Almost looks like diamond dust.....It is really cool in person.

Love this subway tile and the fixtures in the guest bath. DD claimed it for herself.

The stairwell...
I was determined to get a picture of that white hand. :)
This downstairs powder room was not opened, but the man in front of me opened it. Notice the paper towels and a piece of paper on the back of the toilet. LOL

Looking outside from the kitchen table.\

More to follow.....

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